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Gene Review

PARN  -  poly(A)-specific ribonuclease

Bos taurus

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Disease relevance of LOC524155


High impact information on LOC524155

  • The differences of the DANS nucleotides versus the DAN and unsubstituted nucleotides as well as the nucleoside tri- versus diphosphate are rationalized in a specific H+ dependent regulatory mechanism at the binding site [2].
  • DAN nucleotides also fluoresce when adsorbed to Triton X-100 micelles that are used for solubilization of the carrier [3].
  • The binding to the ADP/ATP carrier in mitochondrial membranes of the 3'-O-(dimethylamino)naphthoyl (DAN) derivatives of AMP, ADP, and ATP was quantitatively analyzed [4].
  • Relative abundances of MSY2, PARN, and YY1 mRNA (P < 0.05) were significantly lower in oocytes from persistent than from growing follicles [5].


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