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Gene Review

gata6  -  GATA binding protein 6

Danio rerio

Synonyms: GATA-5, SO:0000704, cb603
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High impact information on gata6

  • Together, these results implicate zebrafish Gata5 in controlling the growth, morphogenesis, and differentiation of the heart and endoderm and indicate that Gata5 regulates the expression of the early myocardial gene nkx2.5 [1].
  • Gata5 is required for the development of the heart and endoderm in zebrafish [1].
  • Here we present evidence from both loss- and gain-of-function experiments that the zinc finger transcription factor Gata5 is an essential regulator of multiple aspects of heart and endoderm development [1].
  • Analysis of faust mutants indicates that early in embryogenesis Gata5 is required for the production of normal numbers of developing myocardial precursors and the expression of normal levels of several myocardial genes including nkx2 [1].
  • Bon/Mixer and Gata5 require Casanova in order to promote endoderm formation and all three factors act upstream of sox17, but it is not clear whether Casanova acts downstream of or in parallel to Bon/Mixer and Gata5 [2].

Biological context of gata6

  • We further demonstrate that Gata5 is required for the migration of the cardiac primordia to the embryonic midline and for endodermal morphogenesis [1].
  • In contrast, embryos with reduced Gata5 function exhibit polarized myocardial epithelia despite a similar reduction in myocardial precursor number, indicating that proper cell number is not required for epithelial formation [3].

Anatomical context of gata6

  • Inhibition of Fgf signaling in endoderm mutants suggests that this signaling negatively regulates cas expression by a pathway parallel to Bon and Fau/Gata5 in the molecular cascade leading to endoderm [4].
  • These data indicate that Gata5 is involved both in the generation of endodermal cells at late blastula stages and in the maintenance of endodermal sox17 expression during gastrulation [5].
  • Eomes synergizes potently with Bon and Gata5 to induce cas, even in animal pole blastomeres [6].

Regulatory relationships of gata6

  • We conclude that Bmp2b and Oep function at least partly through Gata5 to regulate nkx2.5 expression and promote myocardial differentiation [7].

Other interactions of gata6

  • Fgf8 is required for the earliest stages of nkx2.5 and gata4, but not gata6, expression in cardiac precursors [8].
  • Recently, we have demonstrated that the zinc finger transcription factor Gata5 is an essential regulator of nkx2.5 expression [7].


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