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Gene Review

RPS27A  -  ribosomal protein S27a

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CEP80, HEL112, S27A, UBA80, UBC, ...
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Disease relevance of RPS27A

  • The mRNA of several ribosomal proteins, and of another ubiquitin A gene fusion protein, UbA80, with an 80 amino acid extension of ribosomal protein S27a, have been reported to be over-expressed in colon cancer, but not as yet at the protein level [1].

High impact information on RPS27A

  • Using the antibodies that confirmed the presence of CEP80 in eukaryotic cells, we show here that the protein is located on ribosomes [2].
  • A comparison of Uba80 to Uba52 revealed that the two genes share a conserved 5'-end structure, but that the structure of the ubiquitin coding regions was not conserved [3].
  • Homology searches also detected the presence of a pseudogene for Uba80, and the structure of this sequence feature is also reported [3].
  • Working from a recently generated physical map of human chromosome 2p16, we determined the genetic and physical location and the genomic structure of the Uba80 gene in its entirety [3].
  • Using this approach we found an up-regulation of ubiquitin carboxyl extension protein 1 (UBCEP-1) mRNA in prostate carcinoma cells compared to the normal glandular epithelium of the prostate proper [4].

Biological context of RPS27A

  • UBCEP-1 mediated ubiquitin chain elongation may promote prostate carcinoma development by increasing via the proteasome pathway the degradation of proteins which are involved in growth inhibition or apoptosis [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of RPS27A


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