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Gene Review

Ctsz  -  cathepsin Z

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AI787083, AU019819, CTSX, Cathepsin Z, D2Wsu143e, ...
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High impact information on Ctsz

  • Treatment of cells with a neutralizing anti-cathepsin X antibody significantly reduced Matrigel invasion of PyMT;ctsb(-/-) cells but did not affect invasion of PyMT;ctsb(+/+) or PyMT;ctsb(+/-) cells, indicating a compensatory function of cathepsin X in CTSB-deficient tumor cells [1].
  • Interestingly, cell surface labeling of cysteine cathepsins by the active site probe DCG-04 detected up-regulation of cathepsin X on PyMT;ctsb(-/-) cells [1].
  • Cathepsin Z, a novel human cysteine proteinase with a short propeptide domain and a unique chromosomal location [2].
  • Fluorescent in situ hybridization experiments revealed that the human cathepsin Z gene maps to chromosome 20q13, a location that differs from all cysteine proteinase genes mapped to date [2].
  • Cathepsin Z is also ubiquitously distributed in cancer cell lines and in primary tumors from different sources, suggesting that this enzyme may participate in tumor progression as reported for other cathepsins [2].

Biological context of Ctsz

  • Murine cathepsin Z was mapped to chromosome 2, a region with synteny homology to a region of human chromosome 20 to which human cathepsin Z has been mapped previously [3].
  • Nucleotide sequence analysis revealed that the isolated cDNA codes for a polypeptide of 303 amino acids, tentatively called cathepsin Z, that exhibits structural features characteristic of cysteine proteinases [2].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ctsz

  • Northern blot analysis revealed ubiquitous expression of murine cathepsin Z [3].


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