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Gene Review

TM4SF4  -  transmembrane 4 L six family member 4

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: IL-TMP, ILTMP, Intestine and liver tetraspan membrane protein, Transmembrane 4 L6 family member 4, il-TMP
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Disease relevance of TM4SF4


High impact information on TM4SF4

  • (i) Accumulation of il-TMP glycoforms precedes terminal differentiation of HT-29-inosine cells and occurs as they undergo density-dependent cessation of growth. il-TMP levels are lower and glycosylation less extensive in HT-29-glucose cells, which do not undergo growth arrest at confluence [1].
  • (ii) HeLa cells normally do not produce il-TMP [1].
  • L6, IL-TMP, and TM4SF5 are cell surface proteins predicted to have four transmembrane domains [2].
  • The remaining antigens, A15, CoO29, KRAG, L6, TI-1 and il-TMP, are expressed at low levels in very few cell lines without any specific pattern [3].
  • It was supposed that rat TM4SF4 might play a role in cell proliferation and in liver regeneration [4].

Biological context of TM4SF4

  • The extent of il-TMP glycosylation in the transfected cells is similar to that observed in HT-29-inosine cells and greater than in HT-29-glucose cells [1].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of TM4SF4


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