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Gene Review

TRL-AAG2-1  -  transfer RNA-Leu (AAG) 2-1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: TRL1, TRNAL1, TRNP1
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Disease relevance of TRNAL1


High impact information on TRNAL1


Anatomical context of TRNAL1

  • This reflected common interaction at receptors that probably included both beta-VLDL and B/E receptors, since: (1) in fresh macrophages, VLDL from hypertriglyceridemic subjects partially displaced beta-VLDL; (2) in B/E receptor-repressed macrophages, TRL1 maintained capacity to totally displace beta-VLDL [9].

Other interactions of TRNAL1

  • Degradation of 125I-labeled TRL1 was greater than that of 125I-labeled TRL2 [9].


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