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Gene Review

ZNF189  -  zinc finger protein 189

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Zinc finger protein 189
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Disease relevance of ZNF189


High impact information on ZNF189

  • The chromosome 9q genes TGFBR1, TSC1, and ZNF189 are rarely mutated in bladder cancer [3].
  • Mutation analysis of the ZNF189 gene in bladder cancer cell lines identified one amino acid substitution (lysine-->isoleucine) at position 323 in exon 4 [3].
  • We have recently reported on the genetic organisation of a novel Krüppel-like zinc finger, ZNF189, located to 9q22-q31 [1].
  • Here, by direct sequencing of the proximal promotor of ZNF189, mutations were found to appear in a small hot-spot region in over 50% of analysed tumour samples, the majority being G to A substitutions [1].
  • Subsequent analysis with serial dilutions of genomic DNA and a cosmid harbouring the wild-type ZNF189 gene demonstrate that these sequence-specific alterations arise in the outer PCR-amplification when 50 copies or less of template are used [1].

Biological context of ZNF189

  • ZNF189 is conserved in the genome of several mammalian species [2].
  • Comparison of cDNA and genomic sequences shows that the ZNF189 gene spans approximately 11 kb and is organized into at least four exons, the large 3'-end exon coding for the complete zinc finger domain and the 3' untranslated region [2].


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