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Gene Review

PXDN  -  peroxidasin

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: COPOA, D2S448, D2S448E, KIAA0230, MG50, ...
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Disease relevance of PXDN


High impact information on PXDN


Chemical compound and disease context of PXDN


Biological context of PXDN


Associations of PXDN with chemical compounds

  • The rate of platinum accumulation at an equimolar concentration of cisplatin was 41M > SKOV-3 > CH1 > PXN/94 > HX/62 [4].
  • Only one of the six parent tumour lines (PXN/100) was markedly sensitive to tetraplatin [6].
  • In contrast, in one of three lines with derived resistance to the platinum (IV) agent, CHIP, (PXN/951) a retention in sensitivity was observed with CDDP and CBDCA [6].


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