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Gene Review

CACNB4  -  calcium channel, voltage-dependent, beta 4...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CAB4, CACNLB4, Calcium channel voltage-dependent subunit beta 4, EA5, EIG9, ...
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Disease relevance of CACNB4

  • CONCLUSIONS: EA5 in combination with paclitaxel decreased tumor growth in an orthotopic ovarian cancer mouse model through antiangiogenic mechanisms associated with reduced levels of VEGF and phosphorylated Src [1].

High impact information on CACNB4

  • MATERIALS AND METHODS: Complement-mediated and complement-independent activity of ATG-Fresenius and Alemtuzumab was investigated on four myeloma cell lines (RPMI-8226, U266, KMS-12-BM, and EJM) and bone marrow samples from six myeloma patients [2].
  • Three mAb (G28-5, M2 and M3) mimicked sCD40LT in its ability to promote strong homotypic adhesion in resting B cells, whereas others (EA5, BL-OGY/C4 and 5C3) failed to stimulate strong clustering [3].
  • The 13 coding exons of CACNB4 span >55 kb of genomic DNA [4].
  • The 1560-bp open reading frame of the CACNB4 cDNA predicts a 58-kDa protein with an amino acid sequence that is 99% identical to the rat protein [4].
  • Expression of CACNB4 was detected in cerebellum, kidney, testis, retina, lymphoblasts, and circulating lymphocytes [4].

Biological context of CACNB4


Other interactions of CACNB4

  • Cab3, Cab4, and Cab5 mRNAs were detected in all stages examined during soybean development but their levels underwent differential changes [5].
  • Some part of the LASP2/ NEBL-TEM7L-ARL8-CACNB2 locus on 10p12 was paralogous to the LASP1-TEM7-CACNB1 locus on 17q12, while the other part of the LASP2/NEBL-TEM7L-ARL8-CACNB2 locus was paralogous to the NEB-ARL5-CACNB4 locus on 2q23 [6].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CACNB4

  • Combination therapy with EA5 and paclitaxel reduced tumor weight by 77% and 80% (95% CI = 63% to 91% and 68% to 91%), respectively, compared with paclitaxel alone and by 92% and 88% (95% CI = 87% to 97% and 80% to 94%), respectively, compared with IgG alone [1].


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