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Gene Review

CFHR5  -  complement factor H-related 5

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CFHL5, CFHR5D, Complement factor H-related protein 5, FHR-5, FHR5
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Disease relevance of CFHR5


High impact information on CFHR5

  • FHR-5 inhibited alternative pathway C3 convertase activity in a fluid phase assay; however, dissociation of the convertase was not observed in a solid phase assay. rFHR-5 displayed factor I-dependent cofactor activity for C3b cleavage, although it was apparently less effective than fH [3].
  • These results demonstrate that FHR-5 shares properties of heparin and CRP binding and lipoprotein association with one or more of the other FHRs but is unique among this family of proteins in possessing independent complement-regulatory activity [3].
  • The short consensus repeats of FHR-5 show homology to Factor H and to other Factor H-related proteins, with some unique features demonstrated [4].
  • FHR-5 was purified by affinity chromatography from complement-lysed erythrocytes, and the peptide sequence was obtained [4].
  • In addition, we detected the recently discovered 65-kDa FH-related protein FHR-5 in the MEE [5].

Chemical compound and disease context of CFHR5

  • CONCLUSION: We have identified specific allele variants of CFH and CFHR5 associated with the MPGN II/DDD disease phenotype [1].

Biological context of CFHR5


Associations of CFHR5 with chemical compounds

  • The strong association of FHR-5 with tissue complement deposits in vivo suggests that this additional member of the Factor H family of proteins has a function in complement regulation [4].
  • Analysis of the genomic sequence indicates that the FHR-5 gene is situated between FHR-2 and the non-complement protein factor XIIIb (Fl3B) [7].

Other interactions of CFHR5

  • Statistical analysis showed that allelic variants in CFHR5 were prefentially associated with HUS [8].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CFHR5


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