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Immune Complex Diseases

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Disease relevance of Immune Complex Diseases


High impact information on Immune Complex Diseases

  • This study reports quantitative information on the concentration of complement receptor for C3b and C4b (CR1) on erythrocytes from normal individuals and patients with immune complex disease [6].
  • In conclusion, anti-C1q autoantibodies deposit in glomeruli together with C1q but induce overt renal disease only in the context of glomerular immune complex disease [7].
  • Guinea pigs with inherited deficiencies of complement components C2 or C4 have characteristics of immune complex disease [8].
  • Two complement-dependent assays for circulating immune complexes, the C1q-binding assay and the conglutinin binding, were used to study patients with suspected immune-complex disease [9].
  • However, the importance of biliary IgA antibodies is largely unclarified, and man lacks the capacity for effective clearance of IgA-antigen complexes via the secretory component-mediated transhepatocellular pathway; whether this deficit contributes to the propensity for man to develop IgA immune complex diseases should be clarified [10].

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