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Chemical Compound Review

AC1Q6XFP     3-(2-aminoethyl)-4-methyl-1H- indole-5,6...

Synonyms: CTK8D5702, AR-1E6112, AC1L2PV2, 4-Me-5,6-Dht, 97073-66-0
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Disease relevance of Coagulation factor xiiib

  • However, a moderate reduction in the plasma level of the functional subunit (factor XIIIA) and also to a lesser extent of the carrier subunit (factor XIIIB), and a decrease in the XIIIA:B subunit ratio, have recently been reported in patients with the inflammatory bowel disorder Crohn's disease, particularly during clinical relapse [1].
  • Polymorphisms of serum proteins in Japanese patients with vascular diseases. I. Factor XIIIB, plasminogen and complement types in primary varicose veins [2].

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Biological context of Coagulation factor xiiib


Gene context of Coagulation factor xiiib


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Coagulation factor xiiib

  • The genetic variants of the coagulation factor XIIIB (FXIIIB) were analyzed by isoelectric focusing, carried out in agarose gels and followed by immunofixation [6].
  • There were no significant differences between the ELISA and electroimmunodiffusion assays either for factor XIIIA (means +/- 1 standard deviation 95 +/- 15.9 and 89 +/- 22.7 respectively) or for factor XIIIB (99 +/- 18.3 and 106 +/- 23.4 respectively) [1].


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