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Gene Review

FAC1  -  AMP deaminase

Arabidopsis thaliana

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High impact information on FAC1

  • This report identifies an N-terminal transmembrane domain in Arabidopsis FAC1, explores subcellular fractionation, and presents a 3.3-A globular catalytic domain x-ray crystal structure with a bound herbicide-based transition state inhibitor that provides the first glimpse of a complete AMPD active site [1].
  • Embryonic factor 1 (FAC1) is one of the earliest expressed plant genes and encodes an AMP deaminase (AMPD), which is also an identified herbicide target [1].
  • Screening of ethyl methanesulfonate-mutagenized populations of Arabidopsis led to the identification of EMBRYONIC FACTOR 1 (FAC1), a locus that gives a zygote-lethal phenotype when mutated [2].
  • Although a low level of FAC1 expression was observed in all organs tested, using a reporter construct we observed a significantly increased FAC1 expression in the zygote, early embryo and endosperm [2].
  • Furthermore, during somatic embryogenesis, a high level of FAC1 expression was observed in developing embryos including putative embryogenic cells [2].

Biological context of FAC1

  • Expression of FAC1 in a yeast AMPD mutant after removal of its N-terminal putative transmembrane domain complemented the mutant phenotype, suggesting a functional conservancy but a structural divergence through evolution [2].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of FAC1


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