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Gene Review

PAD1  -  20S proteasome alpha subunit PAD1

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: 20S proteasome alpha subunit PAD1
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Disease relevance of PAD1


High impact information on PAD1

  • Furthermore, double mutant combinations of as2 with other 26S subunit mutations, including rpt2a, rpt4a, rpt5a, rpn1a, rpn9a, pad1, and pbe1, all displayed comparable phenotypes with those of ae3 as2, albeit with varying phenotypic severity [2].
  • The expression of PAD3 is tightly correlated with camalexin synthesis and is regulated by PAD4 and PAD1 [3].
  • We are working to determine the role of the Arabidopsis phytoalexin, camalexin, in protecting the plant from pathogen attack by isolating phytoalexin-deficient (pad) mutants in the accession Columbia (Col-0) and examining their response to pathogens [4].

Biological context of PAD1

  • Global expression phenotype similarities among mutants suggested, and experiments confirmed, that EDS3 affects SA signaling while EDS8 and PAD1 affect JA signaling [5].


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