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Gene Review

CDKB1;1  -  cyclin-dependent kinase B1-1

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: CDC2-LIKE GENE, CDC2B, CYCLIN-DEPENDENT KINASE B1;1, P34(CDC2)-LIKE PROTEIN, cyclin-dependent kinase B1;1
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High impact information on CDC2B

  • In accordance with this model, KRP2 protein levels increased in plants with reduced CDKB1;1 activity [1].
  • E2FB regulated the entry into both S- and M-phases, the latter corresponding to the activation of a plant-specific mitotic regulator, CDKB1;1 [2].
  • Surprisingly, CDKB1;1 transcription was controlled by the E2F pathway, as shown by its upregulation in E2Fa-DPa-overproducing plants and mutational analysis of the E2F binding site in the CDKB1;1 promoter [3].
  • Moreover, when the mutant CDKB1;1 allele was overexpressed in an E2Fa-DPa-overproducing background, it enhanced the endoreduplication phenotype, whereas the extra mitotic cell divisions normally induced by E2Fa-DPa were repressed [3].
  • Because protein levels of both CDKA;1 and CDKB1;1 were not affected, the temporary inhibition of mitotic activity that allows adaptation to the stress condition is most likely mediated by posttranslational control of CDK activity [4].

Biological context of CDC2B

  • Genomic Southern-blot analysis with the CDC2a and CDC2b cDNA probes suggested that the A. thaliana genome contains several additional cdc2-like genes, which together with the CDC2a and CDC2b genes may constitute a CDC2 gene family [5].

Associations of CDC2B with chemical compounds

  • However, ICK1 was induced by ABA, and along with ICK1 induction there was a decrease in Cdc2-like histone H1 kinase activity [6].


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