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Gene Review

SYP41  -  syntaxin-41

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: ATSYP41, ATTLG2A, F2P16.16, F2P16_16, syntaxin of plants 41
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High impact information on SYP41

  • Whereas a small fraction of RabA4b cofractionated with Golgi membrane marker proteins, the majority of this protein labeled a unique membrane compartment that did not cofractionate with the previously characterized trans-Golgi network syntaxin proteins SYP41 and SYP51 [1].
  • Therefore, we propose that complexes containing AtVPS45 and either AtTLG2a or -b define functional subdomains of the TGN and may be required for different trafficking events [2].
  • The SNAREs SYP41, SYP61 and VTI12 reside in the trans-Golgi network and have been proposed to function together in vesicle fusion with this organelle [3].

Biological context of SYP41


Anatomical context of SYP41


Other interactions of SYP41


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