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Gene Review

SOS4  -  Pyridoxal kinase

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: ATSOS4, K18L3.1, K18L3_1, SALT OVERLY SENSITIVE 4
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Disease relevance of SOS4


High impact information on SOS4


Biological context of SOS4

  • The root hairless phenotype of sos4 mutants was complemented by the wild-type SOS4 gene [2].
  • The amino acid sequence of the A. thaliana PK was found to be similar to the mammalian enzyme, with a homology of more than 40% [3].

Associations of SOS4 with chemical compounds

  • The possible role of SOS4 in ethylene and auxin biosynthesis is discussed [2].
  • The SOS4 (Salt Overly Sensitive 4) gene was recently isolated by map-based cloning and shown to encode a pyridoxal (PL) kinase involved in the production of PL-5-phosphate, which is an important cofactor for various enzymes and a ligand for certain ion transporters [2].
  • Consistent with SOS4 function as a PL kinase, in vitro application of pyridoxine and pyridoxamine, but not PL, partially rescued the root hair defect in sos4 mutants [2].


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