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Chemical Compound Review

pyridoxal-P     (5-hydroxy-4-methanoyl-6- methyl-pyridin-3...

Synonyms: Biosechs, Hairoxal, Hiadelon, Himitan, Pidopidon, ...
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Disease relevance of pyridoxal phosphate


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Chemical compound and disease context of pyridoxal phosphate


Biological context of pyridoxal phosphate


Anatomical context of pyridoxal phosphate

  • Human erythrocytes rapidly convert vitamin B6 to pyridoxal-P and contain soluble phosphatase activity which dephosphorylates pyridoxal-P at a pH optimum of 6-6 [19].
  • These data indicate that pyridoxal-P can rapidly enter the intermembrane space of isolated mitochondria, but its penetration into the matrix occurs at a slower and more sustained rate (i.e. 9-16 pmol/h/mg of protein) [18].
  • A nondialyzable inhibitor was apparently formed when intact microsomes were reacted with pyridoxal-P and NaBH4; this inhibition was also reversed by procedures which changed the kinetic properties of glucose-6-phosphatase [20].
  • Pyridoxal-P is not hydrolyzed by the acid phosphatase of intact lysosomes [15].
  • Additionally, as reflected by the lower specific radioactivity of [14C]pyridoxal-P in mitochondria than that in cytosol, the extent of mixing of newly synthesized and endogenous pools of pyridoxal-P in these subcellular compartments is heterogeneous [21].

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Gene context of pyridoxal phosphate


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of pyridoxal phosphate


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