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Chemical Compound Review

AKOS015891944     2,4-dimethyl-5- (phosphonatooxymethyl)pyrid...

Synonyms: A19429, 4-Deoxypyridoxine 5'-phosphate
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  • The present studies suggest an important role for the low pH values resulting from gastric acid secretion in the normal absorption of dietary PLP, and raise questions about the implications of widespread use of acid-lowering therapeutic modalities on vitamin B6 nutritional status [25].
  • We conclude that fibroblast levels of CBS are only partially effective as prognosticators of disease severity and that it is important to test the in vivo response to vitamin B6 in all cases of homocystinuria, including those in which the mutations lead to the absence of the enzyme in cultured fibroblasts [26].
  • These findings are discussed in terms of tumor nutrition and vitamin B6 metabolism in a rat hepatoma cell line [27].
  • Kinetic analysis and chemical modification of vitamin B6 phosphatase from human erythrocytes [28].
  • However, TE monolayers from vitamin B6-deficient animals were unable to effect such a maturation of T lymphocytes [29].

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