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Gene Review

NUP57  -  Nup57p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: G6320, Nuclear pore protein NUP57, Nucleoporin NUP57, YGR119C
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Disease relevance of NUP57

  • To investigate the molecular basis underlying complex formation, recombinant full-length Nup49p and Nup57p and the carboxyl-terminal domain of Nsp1p, which lacks the FXFG repeat domain, were expressed in Escherichia coli [1].

High impact information on NUP57

  • Upon purification of poly(A)+ RNA derived from of UV-irradiated yeast cells, Mex67p, but not nucleoporins Nup85p and Nup57p, was crosslinked to mRNA [2].
  • Nup57p which is essential for cell growth contains GLFG repeats in the N-terminal half and heptad repeats in the C-terminal half [3].
  • Accordingly, interaction of Nup82p with Nsp1p coil 2 is competed by excess Nup57p [4].
  • As shown by in vitro reconstitution, coiled-coil region 2 (residues 673 to 738) is sufficient to form heterotrimeric core complexes and can bind either Nup57p or Nup82p [4].
  • In vitro reconstitution of a heterotrimeric nucleoporin complex consisting of recombinant Nsp1p, Nup49p, and Nup57p [1].

Biological context of NUP57


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