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Gene Review

NUP85  -  Nup85p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: J1624, Nuclear pore protein NUP85, Nucleoporin NUP85, RAT9, YJR042W
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High impact information on NUP85


Anatomical context of NUP85

  • At the permissive growth temperature in rat9-1 or RAT9 deletion strains, the nuclear envelope (NE) becomes detached from the main body of the nucleus, forming long thin double sheets of NE [6].
  • In this study, a member of the yeast nuclear pore complex (Nup85p) was tagged and a six-member sub-complex of the pore was cross-linked and analyzed by 1D SDS-PAGE [7].

Physical interactions of NUP85

  • More interestingly, we demonstrate that the Nup84p complex contains Nup133p as a subunit and binds to the FG repeat regions of Nups directly via the Nup85p subunit [8].

Other interactions of NUP85


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