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Gene Review

HFI1  -  Hfi1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: ADA1, GAN1, SRM12, SUP110, Transcriptional coactivator HFI1/ADA1, ...
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High impact information on HFI1

  • We thus identified ADA1, ADA2, and ADA3 [1].
  • The locations of two histone fold-containing core subunits, Spt7 and Ada1, are consistent with their role in providing a SAGA-specific interface with the Tafs [2].
  • A proteomic approach led to the identification of an orthologue of the yeast protein Ada1 and the novel protein encoded by CG4448, referred to as WDA (will decrease acetylation) [3].
  • Furthermore, ADA1 interacts with the other ADAs in the ADA/GCN5 complex as demonstrated by partial purification of the complex and immunoprecipitation experiments [4].
  • We have identified a high copy suppressor of the TAF68/61 mutation, TSG2, that has sequence similarity to a region of the SAGA subunit Ada1 [5].

Biological context of HFI1


Physical interactions of HFI1

  • Ada1/Gan1p thus represents the first reported case of an accessory protein (a co-activator) linking the GATA-binding proteins Gln3p and Nil1p, mediating nitrogen-regulated transcription, to the basal transcription machinery [7].

Other interactions of HFI1

  • These two genes are NET1 and HFI1 which mediate important regulatory protein-protein interactions in the yeast cell [6].
  • Complex integrity depends on three core subunits, Spt7, Spt20, and Ada1 [8].
  • We found that GAN1 is identical to ADA1, which encodes a component of the ADA/GCN5 co-activator complex [7].
  • We show that Gan1p is in fact involved in Gln3p- and Nil1p-dependent transcription [7].


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