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Gene Review

IKI1  -  Elongator subunit IKI1

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: ELP5, Elongator complex protein 5, Gamma-toxin target 5, HAP2, HAT-associated protein 2, ...
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High impact information on IKI1

  • Taken together, these data suggest that CO might replace At HAP2 in the HAP complex to form a trimeric CO/At HAP3/At HAP5 complex [1].
  • Elongator subcomplex components Elp4p and Elp6p are shown to be homologues of ATPases, yet with substitutions of amino acids critical for ATP hydrolysis, and novel orthologues of Elp5p are detectable in human, and other animal, sequences [2].
  • DNA sequencing of the genes showed that both have 100% identity with hypothetical genes identified by the yeast genome project, YHR187w (481,911-480,985 in chromosome VIII) for IKI1, and YLR384c (888,852-892,898 in chromosome XII) for IKI3 [3].

Biological context of IKI1

  • We developed a novel screening system to isolate the DNA fragments complementing the iki mutations from a Saccharomyces gene library, and isolated three DNA fragments that complement the iki1, iki3, and iki4 mutations, respectively [4].


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