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Gene Review

psaA  -  photosystem I P700 chlorophyll a...

Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803

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Disease relevance of psaA


High impact information on psaA

  • P(700) is a chlorophyll dimer ligated by the core subunits psaA and psaB [2].
  • Repression of the promoter activity of the psaA gene by a pmgA-dependent mechanism was shown to be essential for the adjustment of photosystem stoichiometry under HL conditions [3].
  • Quantitation of hybridization to northern blots revealed only a slight decrease in the accumulation of the psaA-psaB transcript in cells grown in complete darkness with glucose and in LAHG cells, relative to light-grown cells [4].
  • The transcript level of the photosynthetic genes psbA, psaA and petB was found to be different in the hydrogenase-free mutant cells compared to wild-type cells, which indicates that the hydrogenase has an effect on the regulation of these genes [5].

Biological context of psaA

  • When gene expression profiles of wild-type cells and a pmgA-disrupted mutant that cannot modulate photosystem stoichiometry under HL were compared, a large increase in the psaAB and psaA transcript levels was observed in the mutant under prolonged exposure to HL for 6 h [3].
  • The psaAB operon was transcribed as a dicistronic transcript, which was processed into smaller, putatively monocistronic psaA and psaB transcript species [6].


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