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Gene Review

GPRASP1  -  G protein-coupled receptor associated...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: G-protein coupled receptor-associated sorting protein 1, GASP, GASP-1, GASP1, KIAA0443
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Disease relevance of GPRASP1

  • Help! (Puff! Puff!) I have an emergency! (Gasp]). The emergency management of hyperventilation [1].

High impact information on GPRASP1


Biological context of GPRASP1

  • These concerted evolution events occurred within and between genes from three separate protein families ('brain-expressed X-linked' [BEX], WWbp5-like X-linked [WEX] and G-protein-coupled receptor-associated sorting protein [GASP]), which often are expressed in mammalian brains and associated with receptor mediated signalling and apoptosis [6].


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