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Programming, Linear

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High impact information on Programming, Linear

  • With food use and energy constraints in models, diets formulated by linear programming provided 19.3-24.9 mg alpha-tocopherol for men and women aged 19-50 or >50 y [1].
  • One is an implementation of Reinert et al.'s integer linear programming formulation (ILP) of the maximum weight trace problem (Reinert et al., 1997, Proc. 1st Ann. Int. Conf. Comput. Mol. Biol. (RECOMB-97), ACM Press, New York) [2].
  • This decreased the nutritional quality of modeled diets, notably the lowest cost linear programming diets had lower vitamin C and beta-carotene densities than the mean French adult diet (i.e., <25% and 10% of the mean density, respectively) [3].
  • The use of linear programming in optimization of HDR implant dose distributions [4].
  • Multicriteria optimization of biochemical systems by linear programming: application to production of ethanol by Saccharomyces cerevisiae [5].

Associations of Programming, Linear with chemical compounds

  • Linear programming, based on AA patterns of the diet and isolated omasal bacteria and ruminal protozoa, appeared to overestimate microbial TAAN and NAN flows compared to the purine assays [6].
  • The diets were formulated by least-cost linear programming, using the calculated requirements for amino acids, with or without minimal glycine + serine requirements [7].
  • RAPTOR: optimal protein threading by linear programming [8].
  • A linear programming model REAP (Regional Environmental strategy Analysis Program) has been developed for the analysis of the consequences of a CO2 tax for petrochemical products such as plastics (CO2, carbon dioxide, is the most important greenhouse gas) [9].

Gene context of Programming, Linear

  • By using previously established methods based on linear programming (MLP), we design and fabricate two types of diffractive superresolution element (DSE) [10].


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