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Trochlear Nerve

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Disease relevance of Trochlear Nerve


High impact information on Trochlear Nerve

  • The images were evaluated with respect to the identification of the trochlear nerve, the distance between the point of exit (PE) and the midline, the visualized length, the vascular relationships, and the distance between the PE and the point of neurovascular contact [2].
  • RESULTS: 3D CISS MR imaging depicted the proximal cisternal segment of the trochlear nerve in the transverse, sagittal, and coronal planes in 57 (95%), 51 (85%), and 48 (80%) of 60 nerves, respectively [2].
  • CONCLUSION: Use of 3D CISS sequences and 3D TOF sequences with or without gadopentetate dimeglumine enables accurate identification of the proximal cisternal segment of the trochlear nerve and its neurovascular relationships [2].
  • The PMP-22 signal was very weak in the nuclei of the oculomotor and trochlear nerves and absent in the nucleus of the abducens nerve [3].
  • At the proximal site of the common tendinous ring, TH-positive fibers were found mainly in the abducent and trochlear nerves [4].

Anatomical context of Trochlear Nerve


Associations of Trochlear Nerve with chemical compounds

  • Paralysis of the right third and fourth cranial nerves, lasting for about six weeks, occurred in a patient following the injection of procaine hydrochloride in the area of the right superior alveolar artery [6].
  • The regeneration pattern of the trochlear nerve fibers was recorded in situ at 1 to 5-day intervals with the aid of methylene blue staining [7].

Gene context of Trochlear Nerve


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