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Disease relevance of Mastoiditis


High impact information on Mastoiditis

  • A 6-year-old boy was admitted to the ENT Department with 4 weeks of ear pain, treated for AOM with cefuroxime axetyl and amoxicilline, with acute mastoiditis and subsequent abscess formation in zygomatic and preauricular region [4].
  • Computed tomography (CT) scan revealed ipsilateral mastoiditis, prompting admission for intravenous antibiotic and steroid therapies [5].
  • Children with acute mastoiditis with periosteitis are conventionally hospitalized for parenteral antibiotics and/or surgical treatment [6].
  • Chronic mastoiditis mimicking recurrence of nasopharyngeal carcinoma: report of a case [7].
  • Even though mastoiditis as a complication of AOM is uncommon, its recognition is imperative to institute timely therapy [8].


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