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Students, Pharmacy

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Psychiatry related information on Students, Pharmacy


High impact information on Students, Pharmacy

  • The Family Medicine Clinics also appreciate the contributions made by the pharmacy students and value the interaction between students training in pharmacy and residents in family medicine [2].
  • To determine if there are gender differences in correct use of peak flow meters (PEM), third-year doctor of pharmacy students (n = 83; 52 females, 31 males) were instructed in a classroom on correct use of a PFM, including demonstrations [3].
  • Pharmacy students in their final year of training provided consultation to 745 consumers intending to purchase an OTC product [4].
  • Current issues involve education of pharmacy students and practicing pharmacists as well as the use of meperidine as an analgesic agent [5].
  • INTERVENTIONS: Unscored cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride 10 mg tablets from one generic manufacturer were split with a tablet splitter or a kitchen knife by a licensed pharmacist and two doctor of pharmacy students (n = 15 tablets for each method per participant) [6].

Associations of Students, Pharmacy with chemical compounds

  • OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the impact of formal education on hyperlipidemia on pharmacy students' dietary fat consumption and plasma cholesterol concentrations over a 3-month period [7].
  • CONCLUSION: Alcohol consumption among pharmacy students was high [8].
  • The pharmacist also participates in educational programs to influence prescribing by physicians, provides drug information, serves as a preceptor to pharmacy students, and is investigating the equivalence of levothyroxine preparations in vivo and in vitro [9].

Gene context of Students, Pharmacy

  • As part of a hospital's ADR protocol, doctor of pharmacy students were required to collect and summarize all ADR data [10].


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