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Disease relevance of Arthralgia


Psychiatry related information on Arthralgia

  • The abstemiousness of RA men compared with their OA counterparts was due to a striking increase in joint pain after drinking alcohol (p = 0.004), fear of adverse drug reactions with alcohol, and a widespread belief not expressed by OA men that 'alcohol and arthritis do not mix' [7].
  • OBJECTIVE: To evaluate neurocognitive impairment in patients with persistent arthralgia, fatigue, and subjective memory loss in patients after Lyme disease (post-Lyme syndrome, PLS) [8].
  • Marked improvement of the arthralgia, fever and lethargy was obtained with oral prednisolone [9].

High impact information on Arthralgia


Chemical compound and disease context of Arthralgia


Biological context of Arthralgia


Anatomical context of Arthralgia

  • The main outcome was lupuslike syndrome defined as the occurrence of polyarthritis or polyarthralgia of unknown origin, with negative rheumatoid factor or latex agglutination test, positive or unmeasured antinuclear factor, elevated or unmeasured erythrocyte sedimentation rate, and absence of or unmeasured antinative DNA antibody levels [25].
  • The severity of joint pain correlated with the degree of lower limb deformity (p = 0.011) which, in turn, was related to fasting serum phosphate concentration (r = -0.56, p less than 0.025) and TmP/GFR (r = -0.70, p less than 0.005) [26].
  • However, in the deeper layers of the spinal cord (V-X), there was no such correlation, and stimulation of joint nociceptors and formalin-induced inflammation produced the greatest proportion of Fos/neurokinin-1 co-localization, suggesting a particular role for substance P in the mediation of joint pain and inflammatory hyperalgesia [27].
  • METHODS: We studied 324 serum and 48 synovial fluid (SF) samples from 103 patients with JIA, 36 with RA, and 8 with arthralgia and 11 controls [28].
  • PATIENTS: Twelve patients with malignant neoplasms who presented with arthritis or arthralgias and normal complete blood cell counts and blood smears in whom rheumatologic diagnosis was initially made were compared with 24 children with a final diagnosis of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis [29].

Gene context of Arthralgia

  • This syndrome is an autosomal dominant disorder characterized by recurring episodes of fever, arthralgia, and skin lesions that is caused by mutations in the 55-kd TNFRSF1A gene [30].
  • Elevated IL-10 levels were detected frequently in patients with arthralgia [31].
  • Reduced general joint pain intensity was associated with reduced plasma levels of IL-6 and C-reactive protein [32].
  • In a Phase II and Phase III trial, conducted in moderate-to-severe PsA, etanercept significantly reduced joint pain and swelling and lowered the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and C-reactive protein (CRP) level [33].
  • Additionally, arthralgia, elevated CRP, and elevated rheumatoid factor were seen significantly more frequently in patients with increased MMP-3 levels than in those with normal MMP-3 levels [34].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Arthralgia


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