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Pelger-Huet Anomaly

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Disease relevance of Pelger-Huet Anomaly


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Chemical compound and disease context of Pelger-Huet Anomaly


Biological context of Pelger-Huet Anomaly

  • Differentiation of human promyelocytic HL-60 cells into neutrophil-like cells was also accompanied by the down-regulation of lamins A/C but not of lamin B. Moreover, when compared with normal cells, neutrophils with the Pelger-Huët anomaly of nuclear hyposegmentation exhibited significantly lower activity of caspase-6, a lamin A/C-cleaving enzyme [8].

Anatomical context of Pelger-Huet Anomaly

  • Heterozygous mutations in LBR cause Pelger-Huët anomaly, characterized by morphologically abnormal neutrophil nuclei, and homozygous mutations cause HEM/Greenberg skeletal dysplasia, characterized by developmental abnormalities and 3 beta-hydroxysterol-epsilon-14-reductase deficiency [9].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Pelger-Huet Anomaly


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