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Embolism, Paradoxical

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  • METHODS: A cohort of 146 individuals with secundum ASD, PFO complicated by paradoxical embolism, or HLHS were evaluated [4].
  • By directing the blood from the inferior cava to the interatrial septum, a persisting EV may prevent spontaneous closure of PFO after birth and may, therefore, indirectly predispose to paradoxical embolism [5].
  • Spontaneous complete recovery of the neurological deficits occurred within 24 hr after onset of symptoms.We conclude that paradoxical embolism should be in the differential diagnoses of CF patients who have indwelling intravenous catheters and who develop an unexplained stroke [6].
  • Pulmonary and paradoxical embolism in protein C and S deficient patient [7].
  • CONCLUSION: Available data suggest that warfarin is superior to antiplatelet therapy and comparable to surgical PFO closure for the prevention of recurrent cerebral ischemic events from paradoxical embolism [8].

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