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Social Marketing

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High impact information on Social Marketing

  • The distribution of iodized salt and social marketing are key to a successful iodine deficiency elimination program [1].
  • Mosbar, a repellent soap containing DEET, was promoted through social marketing in villages in eastern Afghanistan [2].
  • In order to work towards further reduction of vitamin A deficiency in central Java, Indonesia, a social marketing campaign promoting eggs and dark-green leafy vegetables was initiated in March 1996 [3].
  • Additionally, cultural practices could be modified through education, agricultural extension and/or social marketing to insure that the bioavailable provitamin A carotenoid levels in food crops are optimized [4].
  • In Zambia, social marketing (SM) was used to implement the SWS, and 100 randomly selected households also received motivational interviewing (MI) [5].

Associations of Social Marketing with chemical compounds

  • The Western Australian ¿Freedom From Fear¿ campaign is an innovative social marketing initiative that acknowledges these factors and aims to reduce the fears of women (and children) by motivating perpetrators and potential perpetrators to voluntarily attend counseling programs [6].
  • The authors proposed the Lowfat Milk Campaign, a multifaceted social marketing campaign to promote the use of low-fat milk in the Washington Heights-Inwood neighborhood of New York City, a low-income, inner-city, Latino community [7].

Gene context of Social Marketing

  • Social marketing programmes for epilepsy [8].
  • This article describes Oplan Sagip Mata as the social marketing component of the Prevention of Blindness Program of the Department of Health in the Philippines [9].
  • A variety of nutrition education interventions and social marketing initiatives are being used by the Food Stamp Program to improve food resource management, food safety, dietary quality, and food security for low-income households [10].
  • Because the site reviewers of the HSNS project were clear this was a disease prevention project and not a community development initiative, HSNS's orientation to skill development after the Think Tank moved toward the Precede/Proceed model, the Transtheoretical model and social marketing approaches [11].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Social Marketing

  • DEET mosquito repellent sold through social marketing provides personal protection against malaria in an area of all-night mosquito biting and partial coverage of insecticide-treated nets: a case-control study of effectiveness [2].


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