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Social Change

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Disease relevance of Social Change

  • PURPOSE: To describe the period prevalence of epilepsy and febrile seizures in a bush hospital and discuss the medical sequelae and social impact of seizures in this population [1].
  • Although considerable effort has gone into the development and modernization of indirect parathyroid function tests, recent experience indicates that they do not possess adequate diagnostic specificity or sensitivity to provide a definitive diagnosis of HPT when they are most needed, that is, in mild or intermittent hypercalcemia [2].
  • Three common hypotheses to explain accelerated transmission are (1) social changes accelerated sexual transmission, (2) health care changes accelerated parenteral transmission, and (3) serial passaging adapted HIV for persistent infection and sexual transmission [3].
  • Under conditions of modernization the thrifty genotype may be manifesting as high rates of obesity and NIDDM among Polynesians and Micronesians [4].
  • Indeed, encouraging results are being obtained in clinical investigations focused on the use of SRIF analogs to treat diabetic retinopathy, a retinal disease with high social impact and originating as a complication of diabetes [5].

Psychiatry related information on Social Change

  • They were tested for intellectual, neurologic, and social development by a test battery including the Kaufmann Assessment Battery for Children, Man-Drawing Test, Child Behavior Checklist, Zürich Neuromotor Test, and neuropediatric testing [6].
  • Variations in diet, physical activity, and degree of sociocultural modernization were not considered a sufficient or consistent explanation of these findings and they therefore lend tentative support to the hypothesis of a genetic component to variability in glucose tolerance [7].
  • Psychological theories of aetiology are discussed with reference to Bruch, Crisp, Palazzoli and Minuchin: the common theme is the reaction of the patient and her family to the physical and social changes of puberty [8].
  • In addition to the influences of family dynamics, educational and vocational factors on the social development and rehabilitation of CLP patients, psychological problems, such as lowered self-esteem and difficulties during social interaction, are also experienced by CLP individuals [9].

High impact information on Social Change


Biological context of Social Change


Associations of Social Change with chemical compounds

  • These data provide evidence that (1) suppression of ovarian cycling in postpubertal females remaining in their natal family is not associated with stress-induced changes in cortisol levels, (2) cortisol levels are not strictly tied to reproductive condition, and (3) social change may be reflected in cortisol elevation [20].
  • Both areas of dysfunction, impaired selective attention and impaired arousal regulation, have important functional consequences in humans, possibly affecting the school performance and social development of cocaine-exposed children [21].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Metformin therapy during pregnancy in women with PCOS was safely associated with reduction in SAB and in GD, was not teratogenic, and did not adversely affect birthweight or height, or height, weight, and motor and social development at 3 and 6 months of life [22].
  • As dopamine (DA) and glutamate seem to be involved in some of cocaine's effects, an attempt was made to assess whether a range of associated receptors influenced the social impacts of this drug of abuse [23].
  • We investigated the relationship between the ontogenetic patterns of steroid hormones and the sexual and social development of greylag goslings (Anser anser) [24].

Gene context of Social Change

  • We consider the chemical structures of CCR3 antagonist molecules from a range of pharmaceutical companies, and present an early clinical development plan for a hypothetical CCR3 antagonist [25].
  • The Risk Society and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): a critical social research analysis concerning the development and social impact of the ADHD diagnosis [26].
  • METHODS: Eighty one young adults (43 women, 38 men, mean age 22.3 years) with epilepsy during their childhood were interviewed about their social development and psychiatric symptoms [27].
  • The present study was designed to examine the medical and social impact of epoetin alfa therapy, as well as to document its safety and efficacy as it is used in clinical practice [28].
  • MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Poor developmental attainment (developing unusually slowly) was defined as scores more than 1 SD below the age-standardized mean for the Motor and Social Development Scale, revised Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, or Canadian Achievement Tests in mathematics and reading/comprehension, depending on the child's age [29].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Social Change

  • The CSC principles and methodologies are an important part of the NHS modernization agenda, and offer an exciting vehicle to improve patient care [30].
  • The Medicare Advantage program, a provision of the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003, encourages providers to think about dealing with Medicare Advantage plans the way they now deal with commercial payers [31].
  • This simplified approach to citrate anticoagulation with CVVH used Normocarb as a prefilter replacement solution under provisions of the 1997 Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act. RESULTS: All patients had acceptable levels of solute and ultrafiltration clearance with this approach [32].
  • The aim of this study was to measure the social impact of NPC in the Chinese population of Selangor, Malaysia. METHOD: Cases were pooled from three epidemiological case-control studies conducted in 1973-74, 1980, and 1990-92 for a total of 442 [33].


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