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Disease relevance of Uvaria

  • The mutagenic effects of chamuvaritin, dihydrobenzylchalcone isolated from Uvaria chamae, were investigated using Salmonella typhimurium tester strains TA92, TA94--98, TA100--1535, TA1537 and TA1538 [1].

High impact information on Uvaria


Associations of Uvaria with chemical compounds

  • Klaivanolide, an antiprotozoal lactone from Uvaria klaineana [6].
  • 2',3'-Dihydroxy-4',6'-dimethoxchalcone and the corresponding dihydrochalcone were isolated from the leaves of Uvaria dulcis and characterized by chemical and spectral methods [7].
  • Two flavanones, hamiltones A (1) and B (2), an aurone, hamiltrone (3), a chalcone, hamilcone (4), and a tetrahydroxanthene, hamilxanthene (5), were isolated from Uvaria hamiltonii extracts guided initially by fractionation based on DNA strand-scission and/or 9KB cytotoxicity assays [8].
  • Desacetyluvaricin from Uvaria accuminata, configuration of uvaricin at C-36 [9].
  • Two new C-benzylated dihydrochalcones, isochamuvaritin (1) and acumitin (2), have been isolated from the African medicinal plant Uvaria acuminata, together with the previously reported benzylbenzoate (3), uvaretin (4), isouvaretin (5), diuvaretin (6), and uvangoletin (7) [10].

Gene context of Uvaria

  • The naturally occurring aurone 1, isolated from Uvaria hamiltonii, and a series of aurones analogues based structurally on known tubulin binding agents were prepared and evaluated for anticancer activity [11].


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