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Chemical Compound Review

Ascabiol     benzyl benzoate

Synonyms: Benylate, Colebenz, Scabagen, Scabanca, Scabitox, ...
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Disease relevance of Benzylbenzenecarboxylate


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Chemical compound and disease context of Benzylbenzenecarboxylate


Biological context of Benzylbenzenecarboxylate


Anatomical context of Benzylbenzenecarboxylate

  • After location of the radioactive microspheres within the intact oviducts, the genital tracts were removed and cleared in benzyl benzoate [17].
  • Effect of castor oil and benzyl benzoate used as a vehicle for antiandrogens on the adrenal cortex [18].
  • The alkaline solution method for detecting uterine implantation sites (metrial glands or spots after delivery), which indicate the position of the embryo, was compared with conventional methods using Turnbull blue (Salewski's technique) and benzyl benzoate (Orsini's technique) in rats [19].
  • Benzyl benzoate cleared fixed or unfixed uteri and allowed observation of the metrial glands and spots after delivery although the entire process required a few days and the specimens became hard and shriveled [19].

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Gene context of Benzylbenzenecarboxylate


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Benzylbenzenecarboxylate

  • Clinical effects of benzyl benzoate in the prevention of house-dust-mite allergy. Results of a prospective, double-blind, multicenter study [4].
  • Rheological experiments showed that the flow properties of PLGA/benzyl benzoate solutions were affected by a combination of degradation and gelation; the latter was also detected by an endotherm in DSC and by three-dimensional structure formation studies by rheology [8].
  • The control group had the usual house dust mite control measures including the use of vinyl covers for mattresses and pillows while the treatment group had application of benzyl benzoate to mattresses and carpets in the bedroom and the most commonly used room, in addition to the above control measures [25].
  • A significant higher mortality of eggs was evident after treatment with (i) disulfiram, (ii) benzyl benzoate, (iii) these two substances mixed, and (iv) Tenutex [20].
  • Based on LD(50) values in fabric piece contact toxicity bioassays, the acaricidal activities of benzoic acid (4.80 microg cm(-2)) and paeonol (5.29 microg cm(-2)) were comparable to that of benzyl benzoate (4.46 microg cm(-2)) but more pronounced than those of DEET (30.03 microg cm(-2)) and dibutyl phthalate (25.23 microg cm(-2)) [26].


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