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Disease relevance of Otoscopy


High impact information on Otoscopy

  • As judged by otoscopy, 60% of the patients receiving augmentin, with or without myringotomy, recovered completely compared with 23% of patients treated with myringotomy plus placebo [4].
  • The percentages of subjects who were effusion-free in the ceftibuten and amoxicillin groups at 2 weeks by otoscopy were 29.8 and 27.2%, respectively (P = 0.59), and by the algorithm, 23.4 and 20.4%, respectively (P = 0.47) [5].
  • When persistent middle ear effusion was analyzed by pneumatic otoscopy, 64 of 103 affected ears (62.1%) treated with cefprozil and 80 of 105 affected ears (76.1%) treated with amoxicillin clavulanate potassium were abnormal (P = 0.04) [6].
  • On a SGI workstation three-dimensional computer reconstructions of the ear were generated from the Chinese visible human dataset, viewing the middle and inner ear imitating the traditional otoscopy [7].
  • Those babies who did not pass the CEOAE were examined by DPOAE, otoscopy, tympanometry and ABR, if needed [8].

Gene context of Otoscopy

  • In most cases stapedial otosclerosis is advantageously diagnosed by otoscopy and audiometry [9].
  • A further miniaturization of the lens telescopes (Hopkins Rod) has resulted in a telescope (length, 6 cm; diameter, 2.7 mm) that is suitable for pediatric otoscopy [10].


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