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Microchip Analytical Procedures

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High impact information on Microchip Analytical Procedures

  • Functional membrane-implanted lab-on-a-chip for analysis of percent HDL cholesterol [1].
  • Microchip analysis of lithium in blood using moving boundary electrophoresis and zone electrophoresis [2].
  • Surface-enhanced resonance Raman scattering (SERRS) of a model derivative of TNT was detected using a microflow cell designed within the framework of the lab-on-a-chip concept, using only the analyte and readily available reagents [3].
  • The new "lab-on-a-chip" protocol integrates precolumn reactions of alkaline phosphatase-labeled antibody (anti-mouse IgG) with the antigen (mouse IgG), followed by electrophoretic separation of the free antibody and antibody-antigen complex [4].
  • These new approaches significantly simplify the process of fabricating PMMA devices and show great promise for high-speed microchip analysis [5].

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