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Nutrition Disorders

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Disease relevance of Nutrition Disorders


High impact information on Nutrition Disorders

  • Chronic nutritional disorders such as protein malnutrition are associated with delayed gastric emptying and increased postprandial cholecystokinin (CCK) levels [4].
  • In addition, the normal reverse triiodothyronine levels suggest the possibility of two mechanisms existing, whereby T3 levels may be lowered in nutritional disorders [5].
  • By contrast, nutritional disorders did not modify antioxidant levels during acute exacerbations [6].
  • Regulation of lean body mass anabolism/catabolism at the level of the GHBP/receptor provides a rational explanation for the derangements in the GH axis and their biological consequences (retarded or accelerated somatic growth) observed in nutrition disorders [7].
  • Composition of calculi--at least 95% calcium salts and a degraded form of lithostathine S (formerly called PSP S2-5)--was similar in the Occidental alcoholic and in the tropical form: calcified calculi are probably related to alcohol and nutritional disorders [8].

Chemical compound and disease context of Nutrition Disorders


Gene context of Nutrition Disorders


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