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Data Display

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Disease relevance of Data Display


High impact information on Data Display

  • Also, consistent with the digital differential display data, RT-PCR analysis of PDEF expression showed highly restricted expression in normal human tissues [2].
  • Furthermore, under oxidizing conditions, the data display additional species consistent with the conversion of cysteine thiols to sulfenic acids and disulfides to disulfide-S-monoxides [3].
  • The data display that retigabine is the first described M-channel agonist and support the hypothesis that M-channel agonism is a new mode of action for anticonvulsant drugs [4].
  • Central station data displays: an experimental evaluation of observer performance. Part 1: Number of displays and observation time [5].
  • We developed a system of computer programs to gather and then display data on turnaround time for stat tests [6].

Biological context of Data Display


Associations of Data Display with chemical compounds

  • The Second Harmony Generation data displays the last few percents of the alkylthiol molecules adsorbed and produced the complete monolayer by inducing the transition from a high number of gauche defects to an all-trans conformation [8].
  • Using strict methodological criteria, careful quality control and comprehensive and systematic data display and data analysis, we have been able to show clearcut efficacy differences between nomifensine and amitriptyline (favouring the later) and clearcut differences in the profile of side effects between these drugs [9].

Gene context of Data Display

  • The system has 16 kbytes of memory, a CRT for data display, and a paper tape reader for program loading [10].


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