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Intensive Care Units

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High impact information on Intensive Care Units

  • Use of APACHE II severity of disease classification to identify intensive-care-unit patients who would not benefit from total parenteral nutrition [1].
  • Postabsorptive proline flux, oxidation, and endogenous biosynthesis were determined in five severely burned intensive-care-unit patients (mean age 27 y) and in six healthy, young-adult control subjects [2].
  • Blood gases and iCa results on CNLZ-heparinized specimens from intensive-care-unit patients also compared well with specimens anticoagulated with a preparation of heparin (EB heparin) in which calcium has been added to balance the calcium-binding capacity [3].
  • A total of 1,914 swabs from different sample sites of 81 patients were dipped into SSMAC tubes, and after 24 h of incubation (in an incubator located near the intensive-care unit), an evident color change was considered by the intensive-care-unit personnel to be an MRSA alarm [4].
  • These third-generation cephalosporin differences become more important since some agents (ceftazidime) have readily selected type-I enzyme mutants among intensive-care-unit respiratory tract pathogens at our institution [5].

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Gene context of Intensive Care Units

  • There was no treatment-related mortality in either arm, and the use of PEG-IL-2 resulted in a significant decrease in the need for intensive-care-unit care [8].


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