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Hospital Information Systems

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Biological context of Hospital Information Systems


Associations of Hospital Information Systems with chemical compounds

  • SETTING: LDS Hospital, Salt Lake City, UT, a 520-bed, tertiary care center associated with the University of Utah School of Medicine. PATIENTS: Using a hospital information system we developed computerized algorithms to identify and monitor patients receiving I/C [7].
  • Prospective surveillance of imipenem/cilastatin use and associated seizures using a hospital information system [7].
  • This paper reports on research which explored the nature of the direct doctor use of the hospital information system at Concord Hospital, and the changing attitudes of the doctors there [8].
  • It is also the pilot site within the Wessex Region for the Hospital Information System (HIS) [9].
  • This paper describes the data communication network installed in four hospitals in the Hammersmith and Queeen Charlotte's Special Health Authority to support several hundred microcomputers, terminals and printers and several host systems, including the integrated computerized hospital information system which is currently under development [10].

Gene context of Hospital Information Systems

  • Integration of radiology and hospital information systems (RIS, HIS) with PACS: requirements of the radiologist [11].
  • Modeling hospital information systems with Petri Nets [12].
  • In Geneva, approximately 1,540 PCs are connected to the Hospital Information System DIOGENE 2, with the possibility of accessing all the functions offered by the system without losing any of their MS-DOS word processing capabilities [13].
  • This paper describes the integration of an existing American Hospital Information System with a European Image Processing System. Both systems were built independently (with no knowledge of each other), but on open systems standards [14].
  • Initiated at the unit by physicians or nurses, the LATCH request is typed onto the CRT, relayed through the Hospital Information System (HIS), and is picked up by the library staff who forward the literature directly to the unit to be attached to the patient record [15].


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