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Gene Review

IMAGE  -  Intrauterine growth retardation,...

Homo sapiens

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Disease relevance of IMAGE


Psychiatry related information on IMAGE

  • Quality of life was assessed in 131 patients at trial entry and at 1 and 3 months while on treatment, by telephone interview, using the following measures: the Functional Living Index-Cancer (FLIC), Rand Functional Limitations Scale, Rand Mental Health Inventory (MHI), the Body Image Subscale, and linear analog scales of drug side effects [6].
  • Body image disturbances in anorexia nervosa patients have been assessed in an experimental study which dealt with the following issues: Three different procedures for the assessment of body image disturbances were compared in a discriminant function analysis: a Video Monitor Procedure, the Movable Caliper Procedure and the Image Marking Procedure [7].
  • SETTING: Image acquisition was carried out in the department of Radiology at Leiden University Medical Center; image post-processing was performed in the Wellcome Department of Cognitive Neurology, London. PARTICIPANTS: Fifteen narcoleptic patients were studied, all having cataplexy and typical findings on Multiple Sleep Latency Testing [8].
  • Assessments consisted of measurement of height and weight, collection of demographic data by written survey, and administration of the Nadroga Language Body Image Questionnaire [9].
  • The prototype Neurosurgery Image Manager has been accepted by the Joint Committee on Education of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons and Congress of Neurological Surgeons as one of the computer formats for the next self-assessment tests [10].

High impact information on IMAGE


Chemical compound and disease context of IMAGE

  • CONCLUSION: Image-guided percutaneous steroid injections are often effective in the treatment of lumbar facet joint synovial cysts and may result in complete regression of the cyst [16].
  • CONCLUSIONS: (i) Image cytometric DNA analysis is a useful method to examine DNA abnormalities in formalin-fixed tissues and may be more sensitive in predicting progression to adenocarcinoma than HGD [17].
  • This image was digitized, and the sum of the CSA of all of the varices was measured (Image Pro Plus, Silver Springs, MD) by an investigator blinded to the patients' clinical status [18].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Image analysis quantitation of interstitial collagen with Sirius red corresponded well to light microscopic semiquantitative assessment of interstitial fibrosis [19].
  • METHODS: Image-guided biopsies with semiquantitative and qualitative histopathological analyses from a series of 31 untreated patients with low- and high-grade gliomas were correlated with multivoxel (1)H MRSI referenced to the same spatial coordinates [20].

Biological context of IMAGE


Anatomical context of IMAGE

  • Pretreatment with RR leads to an approximately 5-fold rise in [Ca2+]c. Image analysis revealed a significant increase of [Ca2+]m in a subpopulation of mitochondria during reperfusion [26].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Image registration of a series of head and neck images generates a valuable population-based lymph node map that can be used to guide the three-dimensional delineation of the elective lymph node target volume [27].
  • Corpus callosum signal intensity was obtained blindly using the semiautomated software NIH Image 1.62 [28].
  • Quantitative analysis of the levels of PSA mRNA in both the benign and malignant tissues was performed using an IBAS 2000 Image Analysis System. The results of this study demonstrated that there is a significant decrease in the expression of PSA mRNA in the carcinoma tissue when compared to the benign epithelium [29].
  • CONCLUSION: Image-processed three-dimensional volume-rendered MNR scans, which allow visualization of the entire brachial plexus within a single composite image, have educational value in illustrating the complexity and individual variation of the plexus [30].

Associations of IMAGE with chemical compounds

  • The Functional Image Analysis Contest (FIAC) 2005 dataset was analyzed using BrainVoyager QX [31].
  • RESULTS: Image artifacts produced by the nitinol framework in these endoprostheses were minimal when fast spin-echo or spin-echo imaging techniques were used, improving the visibility of the device [32].
  • Images of electrophoresis gels were obtained by digitizing polyacrylamide gels at 1024 x 1024 picture elements (pixels) resolution with 256 grey scale levels using the charge coupled device (CCD) camera of the Millipore Bio Image 110S computerized imaging system [33].
  • Data communication standards, such as ASTM 1238, HL7, and Digital Image Communication of Medicine, have reduced the cost and improved the timeliness of interfaces [34].
  • Corresponding formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded sections were stained with a polyclonal antibody and measured with the CAS 200 Image Analyzer using a modified cytoplasmic antigen quantification program [35].

Regulatory relationships of IMAGE


Other interactions of IMAGE

  • The results were quantitatively evaluated using a CAS 200 Image Analyzer (Cell Analysis System, Elmhurst, Ill., USA) and were compared with histological findings and clinical course [37].
  • For the sequence analyses in MKS patients, we isolated the corresponding human gene, PNUTL2, by analyzing an Image cDNA clone that contained these ESTs [38].
  • In this study we introduced an anti-occludin monoclonal antibody for semiquantitative assay of the occludin expression in tissue sections of human normal and neoplastic endometrial epithelia using the Adobe Photoshop and NIH Image programs [39].
  • Fluor S Image analyzer and Quantity One software program were applied to quantify the total amount of ADAM-10 [40].
  • When [(3)H]acetyl CoA is used in the ACC/FAS coupled system, [(3)H]palmitic acid, the final product, is readily detected by scintillation proximity in a FlashPlate or Image FlashPlate coated with phospholipid [41].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of IMAGE


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