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Stochastic Processes

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Disease relevance of Stochastic Processes


High impact information on Stochastic Processes


Biological context of Stochastic Processes


Anatomical context of Stochastic Processes

  • Movement of the polypeptide chain through the channel in the endoplasmic reticulum membrane is considered to be a stochastic process which is biased at the lumenal side of the channel by the binding of BiP (Kar2p), a member of the Hsp70 family of ATPases (ratcheting model) [9].

Associations of Stochastic Processes with chemical compounds

  • 3) The rate of histamine release is proportional to the amount of releasable histamine remaining in the cells when the amount remaining is small, as expected if release of histamine granules is a stochastic process [10].
  • Ca oxalate precipitation is not a stochastic process, suggesting the involvement of specific biochemical and cellular mechanisms [11].
  • The exact process by which Ca(2+) sparks terminate is still an open question, although both deterministic and stochastic processes are likely to be important [12].
  • It is shown that the quantum paths exhibit a fractal character which remains unchanged in the relativistic domain provided the creation of new particles is avoided, and the Brownian motion remains the stochastic process associated with the quantum paths [13].
  • We assumed that the sensory messages received at a given level are transformed by a stochastic process, called Alopex, in a way which maximizes responses in central feature analyzers [14].

Gene context of Stochastic Processes

  • A stochastic process model was used to simulate vessel formation and vessel elongation towards a paracrine site, i.e., tumor-secreted basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) [15].
  • The Ly49 receptor repertoire may be initially generated by a stochastic process that distributes receptors randomly to different cells and treats the two alleles of a given Ly49 gene independently [16].
  • We hypothesize that phenotypic differences between NF2 MZ twins are at least partly due to stochastic processes, such as the loss of the second NF2 allele or alleles of other genes [17].
  • We introduce the concept of "discrete-time persistence," which deals with zero-crossings of a continuous stochastic process, X(T), measured at discrete times, T=n Delta T [18].
  • The CP/MAS (13)C NMR line shape of cellulose I has been qualitatively analyzed by direct simulations using the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck stochastic process and the Kubo model [19].


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