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Pregnancy in Adolescence

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High impact information on Pregnancy in Adolescence

  • Concern grows about adolescent pregnancy in Cape Verde [1].
  • METHODS: We studied the prevalence of 21 characteristics associated with repeated adolescent pregnancy and 16 adverse effects of levonorgestrel implants in 181 postpartum, adolescent levonorgestrel implant recipients, 66 (36%) of whom had the levonorgestrel implants removed within 20 months of insertion (hereafter, removers) [2].
  • Primary care physicians' perceptions of adolescent pregnancy and STD prevention practices in a Nova Scotia county [3].
  • Social capital was nonetheless a much stronger multivariate predictor of teen pregnancy rates (producing a Beta value of -.672) [4].
  • PURPOSE: This article summarizes the experiences of 13 grantees funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under the Community Coalition Partnership for the Prevention of Teenage Pregnancy in collecting, analyzing, and disseminating data as required under the requirements of this community-based demonstration project [5].

Associations of Pregnancy in Adolescence with chemical compounds

  • Depo-Provera use is increasing, but continuation rates are disappointing and the impact on teen pregnancy rates is as yet unknown [6].
  • CONCLUSIONS: The concentration of plasma carnitine at the end of adolescent pregnancy is low compared to the levels of umbilical carnitine at birth and that found in nonpregnant adolescent women [7].
  • The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy [8].
  • The majority of patients could be categorized into four groups: hemolytic disease (18 patients), parenteral nutrition (eight patients), adolescent pregnancy (seven patients), and idiopathic (10 patients), while seven patients had a variety of other etiologies [9].
  • RESULTS: The concentrations of plasma carnitine in adolescent pregnancies at the time of delivery were calculated at 19.6 +/- 2.15 microMol/L (total), 12.62 +/- 1.31 microMol/L (free), and 6.98 +/- 1.55 microMol/L (acylcarnitine) [7].

Gene context of Pregnancy in Adolescence

  • This was an exploratory study undertaken to investigate factors associated with teenage pregnancy amongst sexually active adolescents in an urban and peri-urban context [10].
  • The Teenage Pregnancy Task Force in Chatham County [11].
  • Tackling unintended teenage pregnancy and reducing sexually transmitted infection is a priority for school nurses in Selby and York NHS Trust [12].
  • AIMS: To describe the lifetime prevalence of teenage pregnancy and parenthood, in addition to the psychosocial backgrounds and current circumstances of young parents in a sample of 533 young women studied from bith to 21 years [13].
  • Exemplars were: Sand Castles: the unreliability of support systems; Tough Boys, Soft Hearts: feeling less powerless with a strong male; Erosion of Trust: the deterioration of trusted kin networks; and Staying the Course: the intergenerational nature of adolescent pregnancy [14].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Pregnancy in Adolescence


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