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Vision, Monocular

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High impact information on Vision, Monocular

  • We now report that chronic intracortical administration of L-glutamate during a period of monocular vision imposed on young kittens largely prevents the ocular dominance shift which normally occurs under these circumstances [1].
  • In a second experiment, we tested whether the impairment induced by lorazepam on visual perception still occurred in monocular vision [2].
  • A second group of 10 subjects ("group 2"), measured from the midline between both eyes, was studied to analyze the effects of binocular vs monocular vision, addition of +1 or +2 D lenses, and of letter size [3].
  • However, comparison between the levels of glucose consumption measured in binocular and in monocular vision also showed the involvement of the uncrossed retinal path in relaying the retinal slip signals to MTN [4].
  • METHODS: We examined, treated, and followed up 5 patients with strabismus after an extended period of monocular vision loss [5].

Associations of Vision, Monocular with chemical compounds

  • While co-managed with his veterinary ophthalmologist, Oliver was prescribed an aphakic hydrogel contact lens to improve his monocular vision [6].

Gene context of Vision, Monocular

  • The acutely symptomatic LHON patient with monocular vision loss provides a unique clinical situation in which to test an agent during a critical therapeutic window [7].


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