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Visual Perception

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Disease relevance of Visual Perception


Psychiatry related information on Visual Perception

  • METHODS: Neuropsychological evaluation included Wechsler and Kaufman intelligence scales, a test of word fluency, digit span, Corsi block, California verbal learning, Trail making, Benton facial recognition, Snoodgrass object recognition tests, Rivermead face learning subtest, and developmental test of visual perception [3].
  • Relatives performed significantly worse than controls on the Profile of Nonverbal Sensitivity Test (PONS), despite comparable performance on skills hypothesized to be related to nonverbal social perception: visual perception, nonverbal problem solving, facial recognition, facial affect recognition, naming, social judgment, and vigilance [4].
  • The present study was designed to evaluate the effects of atypical neuroleptics in comparison with a conventional dopamine antagonist neuroleptic (haloperidol) on several dimensions of psychomotor performance (visual perception, attention, reaction time, and sensorimotor performance) considered to be of relevance in evaluating driving fitness [5].
  • Handwriting was measured pre- and postintervention using the Test of Handwriting Skills. Visual perception (motor-reduced), visual-motor integration, proprioception, and in-hand manipulation were also measured [6].
  • The strongest correlations were between P 300 and both short-term memory and visual perception [7].

High impact information on Visual Perception

  • Complex behaviors, such as visual perception, degenerate when dopamine levels are either too high or too low, in accordance with the inverted-U hypothesis of dopamine action in the mammalian brain [8].
  • Gamma-band phase clustering and photosensitivity: is there an underlying mechanism common to photosensitive epilepsy and visual perception [9]?
  • The Motor-Free Visual Perception Test, revised (MVPT-R), provides a measure of visual perceptual processing [10].
  • The research concerning the visual perception in deaf subjects has led to contradictory results: Deaf subjects have been reported to show enhanced visual perceptual skills compared to hearing subjects (Neville & Lawson, 1987) [11].
  • RESULTS: Relative to control subjects, ALS patients showed mild impairment in word generation, recognition memory (faces), and motor-free visual perception [12].

Biological context of Visual Perception

  • After 4 weeks, the prism-treated group performed significantly better than controls on the following: (1) Motor Free Visual Perception Test; (2) Line Bisection Task; (3) Line Cancellation Task; (4) Harrington Flocks Visual Field Screener; and (5) Tangent Screen Examination [13].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Reduced visual perception is common among children born preterm who have strabismus and/or reduced visual acuity, as well as in those with known brain lesions [14].
  • Eye movements of adult hemiplegics (11 right- and 9 left-brain-damaged patients) and 11 nonimpaired controls were recorded as they viewed selected cards of the Motor-free Visual Perception Test. The major finding was that neither group of patients exhibited an asymmetry of visual exploration (unilateral visual neglect) as they viewed the cards [15].

Anatomical context of Visual Perception


Associations of Visual Perception with chemical compounds


Gene context of Visual Perception

  • Thus, in the diurnal trichromatic primate, 'non-image-forming' and conventional 'image-forming' retinal pathways are merged, and the melanopsin-based signal might contribute to conscious visual perception [22].
  • RESULTS: Subjects with ADHD demonstrated relative strengths in the areas of nonmotor visual perception and localization of tactile input and weaknesses with vestibular processing and in most areas of praxis or motor planning [23].
  • The effect of anti-epileptic drugs on visual perception in patients with epilepsy [17].
  • Spatio-temporal disintegration of visual perception in schizophrenia as revealed by a novel cognitive task, the Searchlight Test [24].
  • The error rates of both tasks significantly correlated with disorganization syndrome in schizophrenia, but not with reality distortion or with psychomotor poverty syndrome.The present data obtained with the Searchlight Test suggest the spatio-temporal disintegration of visual perception in schizophrenia and its correlation with disorganization [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Visual Perception


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