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Increased expression of liver PKC alpha in hypoinsulinemic diabetic rats: a post-translational effect.

Ca2+-dependent protein kinase C (cPKC) activity and expression have been studied in livers from hypoinsulinemic streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic and untreated control rats. In diabetic rats, cPKC activity was slightly decreased in liver total particulate and nuclear fractions but was unchanged in mitochondrial-lysosomal, microsomal and cytosolic fractions. On Western immunoblot analysis, PKC alpha was identified as two distinct proteins of 90 and 81 kDa. In diabetic rats, the abundance of the 90 kDa protein was increased in most subcellular fractions with a maximum in the cytosolic and microsomal fractions (180%) but that of the 81 kDa protein was unchanged. PKC beta2 was detected as a single 81 kDa protein in cytosolic and microsomal fractions with unchanged levels in diabetic rats. Liver PKC alpha mRNA levels as measured by reverse transcription and competitive PCR amplification were similar in diabetic and control rats. The increased expression of PKC alpha protein in diabetic rats was reversed by insulin but not by phlorizin, suggesting that it did not result from hyperglycemia. We conclude that STZ-induced diabetes induces the expression of a biologically inactive form of PKC alpha which differs from active PKC alpha by an undefined post-translational modification, possibly an increase in phosphorylation state.[1]


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