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DRC1, DNA replication and checkpoint protein 1, functions with DPB11 to control DNA replication and the S-phase checkpoint in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

In addition to DNA polymerase complexes, DNA replication requires the coordinate action of a series of proteins, including regulators Cdc28/Clb and Dbf4/Cdc7 kinases, Orcs, Mcms, Cdc6, Cdc45, and Dpb11. Of these, Dpb11, an essential BRCT repeat protein, has remained particularly enigmatic. The Schizosaccharomyces pombe homolog of DPB11, cut5, has been implicated in the DNA replication checkpoint as has the POL2 gene with which DPB11 genetically interacts. Here we describe a gene, DRC1, isolated as a dosage suppressor of dpb11-1. DRC1 is an essential cell cycle-regulated gene required for DNA replication. We show that both Dpb11 and Drc1 are required for the S-phase checkpoint, including the proper activation of the Rad53 kinase in response to DNA damage and replication blocks. Dpb11 is the second BRCT-repeat protein shown to control Rad53 function, possibly indicating a general function for this class of proteins. DRC1 and DPB11 show synthetic lethality and reciprocal dosage suppression. The Drc1 and Dpb11 proteins physically associate and function together to coordinate DNA replication and the cell cycle.[1]


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