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Toxicology studies of linear alkylbenzene sulphonate (LAS) in rhesus monkeys. I. Simultaneous oral and subcutaneous administration for 28 days.

A toxicological investigation was performed with the linear alkylbenzene sulphonate (LAS) using 4 groups of 3 male and 3 female monkeys. Dosages were 0, 30, 150, 300 and 0, 0.1, 0.5, 1.0 mg/kg/day by simultaneous oral (p.o.) and subcutaneous (s.c.) administration respectively, for 28 days. At 300 p.o. and 1.0 s.c. mg/kg/day, the monkeys vomited frequently and usually within 3 hours of administration. An increased frequency of loose or liquid faeces was recorded for animals receiving 150 p.o. and 0.5 s.c. and 300 p.o. and 1.0 s.c. mg/kg/day. Fibrosis of the injection sites was found among all the test groups, the incidence and severity being dose related. Ophthalmoscopy, laboratory examination of blood and urine, organ-weight analysis and histopathological investigation did not detect any further treatment related responses. Previous reports concerning oral administration of tetrapropylene benzene sulphonates (ABS) to dogs record prompt emesis ascribed to local gastro-intestinal effects. Vomiting observed during this investigation was considered to be of possible central origin.[1]


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